Recent R&D details

Recent R&D details

Recent R & D History

Period Type of waster water Related Company Technical development Detail
2019.02 ~ Power Plant General Wastewater Combined Thermal Power Plant (Sungnam) Development of Recycling Technology for Power Plant Waste Water (water quality level of cooling tower purpose)
2018.10~2019.02 Antimony Chemical (Gumi) Antimony 150ppm-> 1ppm
2018.9 ~ 12 Wastewater Treatment Plant Oil Refinery (Ulsan) Recycling for Cooling tower makeup
2018.7~10 Agrichemical Wastewater Agrichemical Maker(China) Effluent
2018.4~7 Spent Caustic Oil Refinery (Ulsan) Effluent
2018.3~5 Oil Farm Drain Oil Refinery (Ulsan) Effluent
2017.4 ~12 1.4 Dioxane Raw Material of (Ulsan) 1.4 Dioxane 800ppm --> under 40ppm
2017.5~8 Sodium Sulfite Petrochemical (Ulsan) CODcr 50,600ppm--> 246ppm(target 2,500ppm)
2016.7 ~2016.12 Desulfurization Coal Power Plant (Kyeongnam) COD, T-N, F, Cl Recycle
2016.7~11 Biobutanol Petrochemical (Yeosu) Bio Energy COD, T-N
2016.6 ~ 9 Amine, HOU Caustic Petrochemical (Yeosu) Effluent
2016.5 ~ 7 Coolant, Washing Machine Tool (Pyeongtaek) Recycling
2016. 3 ~ 5 Oil Removal Machine Tool (Changwon) Recycling
2016.4 ~6 Desulfurization Steel Mill (Kwoangyang) Recycling
2015. 12~ 2016.5 Cooling Tower BD LNG Power Plant (Pyeongtaek) Recycling
2015.3 ~7 Rare earth refinery Rare earth maker (China) Recycling
2014 Cokes Cokes Maker (China) COD, T-N, Phenol Effluent

Major Test Equipment

Electrodialysis facilities (EDR), catalytic reaction test equipment, ion exchange resin test equipment, filtering test equipment, coating and filtering testing equipment, agitator, chemical feeder, etc


1.4 다이옥산 System

이온교환수지 unit

MMR unit

Filter Unit

EDR Unit

EDR Unit








Crude Oil Drain



Test Sample